Rock Climbing Toggle

Rock Climbing Locations:

All BMI rock climbing programs take place in Clear Creek Canyon (near Golden, CO), Boulder’s iconic Flatirons, and Boulder Canyon. The Flatirons and Boulder Canyon are conveniently located only 5 minutes from downtown Boulder, CO.

Rock Climbing Courses (6:1 ratio for all climbing courses):

Our rock climbing courses are customized to fit your needs, fitness level and experience. We will focus on the skills and concepts that interest you the most. Our courses can be set up as a progression series if you choose to purchase multiple day (or half day) sessions. This allows you to have time to practice your technique and skills between outings and then review them the next time you get out climbing with a BMI guide.

Rock Climbing Basics

This introductory rock climbing course is designed for first time outdoor climbers. Basic skills such as belaying, knot tying, climbing movement and general climbing safety protocols will be covered. This course can be taken as a full or half day course.

Intro to Lead Climbing

This intermediate course is designed for students who have some experience belaying and top rope climbing either indoors or outdoors. This course will teach students how to safely lead climbs (sport or traditional).

Anchor Building

This course teaches students how to safely build both multi-pitch and top rope anchors using a variety of climbing gear.

Multi-Pitch Climbing

This course introduces students to the concepts involved with multi-pitch climbing. The capstone experience of this course is an ascent of a multi-pitch climb.

Climbing Movement Progression

This course is designed for climbers who already have some climbing or bouldering experience and want to push their technical ability to the next grade. We have climbers go through this course who climb anywhere from 5.5 to 5.12.

Guided Rock Climbing:

Top Rope Climbing:

Top Rope days can be either full or half day outings. No climbing experience is necessary. On our top rope days, we head to scenic settings where students can challenge themselves with all types of rock climbing. We can design our sessions to accommodate every level, from first-timer to advanced climber.

Multi-Pitch Climbing:

These trips can be half or full day experiences. The full day sessions usually take place on the iconic Flatirons, which provide amazing views of Boulder and the surrounding peaks. These trips allow you to take in breathtaking views as you get higher on your climb. If you have no experience multi-pitch climbing, you should consider a half-day climbing course with BMI prior to your full day trip. The basic skills gained will greatly enhance your experience and allow you to enjoy the day much more.